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NextGen Enclosures

Introducing the newest product line from Saginaw Control and Engineering- NextGen Free-Standing Enclosures. This line was created with our customers, and their wallets, in mind. With the rising costs of freight for enclosures 90" and above, the NextGen Free-Standing...

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Enviro-therm NextGen AC Units

A rugged, energy efficient and reliable cooling system. Introducing the newest line of air conditioners to the SCE family! The Enviro-Therm NextGen ACs are designed with an internal closed loop system to provide protection from dust, oil and water. These are made for...

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Top Mounted Fans

Introducing the newest product in Saginaw Control and Engineering's Thermal Management line, the NEMA 12 top mounted fans. As preluded to in the name these are a group of fans that are mounted to the top of an enclosure. This location, at the top of the enclosure,...

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S.S. Sanitary Enclosures

Two new sanitary lines S.S. Sanitary Sloping Top Enclosures UL Listed Type, 4X, IEC IP 69, DIN 40050-9-IP69K Houses electrical and electronic controls, instrumentation and components in the most extreme conditions and sanitary applicationsPour in place oil &...

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Ethernet Converter Kit

RS485 to Ethernet Converter Kit SCE-ETHCK is designed for use with Enviroline NextGen air conditioner units to convert from Modbus ready AC to Ethernet. Provisions and hardware included for either DIN rail mounted or a fixed screw mount. Take a look at the product...

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Pole Mount Kit

Introducing our new pole mount kit line. Mount your enclosure to various pole sizes and shapes using the included mounting channel and hardware. This new Pole Mount kit is designed to easily adapt to most wall mount enclosure type including the Enviroline enclosures...

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SCE Handle

At Saginaw Control & Engineering, we commit ourselves to continued improvement in our services and products. The latest change to our products is a change to the SCE Handles. Previously, the SCE Handle logo was a polished finish. Moving forward, the logo will be...

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HMI Enclosure Highlight

SCE makes assembling an HMI set up convenient for you. We have an entire line dedicated to getting our customers the best fit for their project. We realize that there is not a one-size-fits-all for an HMI set up, so we have many different options to fit your project....

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Controller Introduction and Explanation

There has been some recent confusion about what the SCE controller that comes standard on all AC/heaters can do and how to get it done. This video is here to help! With an introduction of the controller we take you step by step through the process to change whatever...

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A Free-Standing Enclosure Highlight

SCE’s Free-Standing Enclosures come in a variety of options to meet the needs for every project. Options for enclosures include single or two-doors, and single or dual-access. Designed to house electrical and electronic controls, these enclosures provide protection...

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Enclosure Series Guide

If you are looking for a shortened overview of everything that Saginaw Control & Engineering has to offer this is a great place to start. The SCE Enclosure Series Guide is condensed 29 page catalog that is a extremely informative guide explaining the differences...

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16th Edition Digital Catalog Now Available

The 16th edition of the digital catalog is now available to download. The new catalog is here! New design, new products, and new updates! Contact your local sales rep to request a physical catalog, a USB catalog or request a download link using the button below....

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